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Partner Benefits

Dedicated Account Manager

All partners have access to a dedicated account management team comprised of an external territory sales manager and an internal partner account manager. This gives us the ability to work closely with your in-house sales teams whilst ensuring someone is available within our offices at all times to provide account support.


Access to sell all products

All partners have complete access to our entire range of products. There are no partner-level restrictions placed on the volume of licences, vertical markets or company sizes with which our partners work.


Marketing Resource Centre

Our marketing resource centre is available to all our partners at all levels. It provides a wide range of collateral from graphics and templates to produce web pages through to banner stands and promotional items to support exhibitions.
Almost all items within the resource centre have been produced due to requests from our existing channel partners and we continue to add to and develop resources directly in line with our partner’s requirements.


Partner Sales Portal

Our partner sales portal is continuously well received by our channel partners. From this portal it is easy to order and administer your opportunity and sales.

Partnership Promotion (EMPSIDE logo)

All our partners receive an Empside a logo befitting their partnership status to indicate their association
with Empside. These can be used on the websites, emails or other marketing collateral. Partners
with a specific association, such as an education partner, will have additional logos to reflect this


Co-Branded Collateral

All of our marketing collateral is available to partners at all levels with their own branding and
company contact details on. This is undertaken by Empside with no charge made to the partner and is
supplied in electronic format either as a low resolution PDF for electronic circulation or a high resolution
PDF for printing.
This range of collateral includes case studies, data sheets and product literature. Provision of this
range of high quality collateral with our partner’s company information on at no charge is not undertaken
by any other vendor.


Joint Case Studies

We are always seeking out new case studies and will undertake all of the writing and coordination of
information with the end customer on behalf of our partners so long as we are in a position to use the
case study when completed. All our partner’s or a willing end user need to do is put us in contact with
the relevant person.
These case studies can then be used by our partners as part of their own marketing and sales collateral.


Website Templates

We currently provide a basic range of websites templates. This range is being expanded along with
advice on optimising your own Empside web pages.
A wide range of graphics and other information is provided in order to enable our partners to create
their own Empside web pages. Gold and silver partners are required to have dedicated Empside
pages within their own site, for all other partners this is optional.


Display Banners

A range of online display banners are provided for integration into our partners online campaigns.
These include product specific and generic Empside advertising and are typically skyscrapers, MPUs
and banners. Although the source code for these is not made available we will consider producing
custom collateral for our gold and silver partners.


Competitor Comparisons

A wide range of competitor comparisons is kept up to date and made available to all our partners. This
is typically drawn from industry reports and product reviews to ensure impartiality.


Sales Training

Sales training sessions are offered for any of our partners to attend. These are provided free of charge
and participants come away with a range of printed collateral and a deeper understanding of Empside
product range and the best way to go about getting new business.
In-house training can be provided free of charge to Reseller partners as a general part of business or
prior to a specific sales campaign.


Price Matching

Price matching can be undertaken at the discretion of the territory sales team as requested by the
channel partner. Typically we would request a copy of the price which we are looking to match and
would then work closely with the channel partner to either and value or match the price.


Leads Program

Through our lead generation programme we support our partners by bringing them new prospects to
work with. These highly qualified leads enable our partners to generate new business for both
themselves and Empside whilst showing the commitment we have to them.


Deal Registration

Our deal registration scheme enables our partners to protect their business from other members of
the channel. Deals can be registered against a set of criteria with our sales team at which point that
prospect will be ring fenced for the registering partner. This ensures our partner’s hard work in securing
the business will not be lost to another partner who seeks to win that customer on price alone.
Furthermore all renewals are automatically deal registered to the original partner to assist in
customer retention and loyalty.


Partner Directory (Locator)

Our online partner directory enables our partners to place their company details on the Empside
website. Any search undertaken for a partner by a potential customer through our website will display
initially the highest grade partners and thereafter the geographically closest partner.

Sales Margin

Our competitive sales margins start at 10 per cent for Referral partners who only refer a few opportunities
per year and runs through to 50 per cent for Reseller partners.


Volume Incentive Rebate

Volume incentive rebates are typically only available to Reseller partners. This scheme is designed to
incentive top tier partners to work closer with Empside in generating new customers.
Activity and targets are set in agreement with your territory sales manager and monitored closely to
ensure you have every chance of success. Where necessary your territory sales manager will work
closely with your sales teams providing training and sales support to help hit targets.


Marketing Development Funds

Marketing development funds are provided to partners on a case by case basis. Typically we will look
to provide ongoing support against a series of activities designed to generate new business.
After an initial agreed period should the results from the campaign be in line with the plans the
campaign may be rolled out on a longer term basis.
Marketing development funds can be used to support activities as diverse as sales team incentives,
direct marketing campaigns, exhibitions and events or even funded heads.

Access to technical training

Technical training sessions are available to all of our partners. This training is provided by the head of
our technical support team, is highly hands on and enables our partners technical support team to
provide the high level of first-line support to which our customers are accustomed. The sessions are
one full working day with a maximum of six participants.


Technical Assistance

Our technical support teams are available as second line support to our partners. Whilst we expect all
our partners to provide first-line support should they not be available and the end user comes direct
to us we will always provide the support required.


Dedicated Technical support line

To ensure a rapid response to our channel partners there is a dedicated phone line direct into our
UK-based support team. Should it be necessary we will also call our partners back on site or provide
live online support whilst they are with their customers.

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