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Online Programme Management


We have developed a strategic approach built around the key capabilities needed for a successful online programme, and we customise our solution to your needs. We then employ proprietary rubrics, benchmarks and self-assessments to drive the process, define the solutions, and gauge readiness to execute against these capabilities.


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These services are organised into the five broad services areas of:


  • Planning & Development

    Provides the foundation for the whole online learning initiative-setting the strategy, goals, and metrics for success, defining the business, organisational, financial, and operational model necessary, and the policies by which the initiative will be managed and governed on an ongoing basis.

  • Courses & Curriculum

    Blackboard has developed effective, proven practices in online pedagogy from programme design to course delivery and support; we are prepared to assist you in developing and delivering the best possible online learning experience to maintain the academic quality and integrity of your brand.

  • Enabling Technologies

    We help you deliver and engaging technology-enabled student experience.
    We believe that it is essential to build a differentiated, unique student experience not only for teaching & learning but also for all support services as well. Each student engagement is an opportunity to either strengthen or weaken student loyalty to the institution

  • Marketing & Recruiting

    Quality and growth in online programmes is driven by the efficient use of investment money to attract and bring students into the institution.
    Our services and support can scale your marketing results — from targeting and engaging the right prospective student segments, to creating messaging, implementing effective lead generation initiatives, to enacting proactive outreach that converts interest to applications.

  • Student Services

    How students are
    engaged beyond the teaching and learning experience can have longlasting impressions
    around a student’s experience, loyalty, and ongoing support for their institution.
    We can help you ensure that students have the support and services they need every step of the way — from inquiry to graduation — and generate greater student success and satisfaction.

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