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Improving the learning experience through technology.

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We’re passionate about the value of education; and we’re passionate about the value technology can add to it. Our platforms improve the learning experience every day across corporations, universities, school classrooms, professional training and public sector environments.


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HRCommunity Academy is the first Italian HR Business Community where acclaimed HR Directors, HR Managers and CEOs from all over the world can find a unique HR sharing environment. We pride ourselves in our ability to organise and promote events to share knowledge about strategic and managerial issues where networking plays a major role.

HRC Academy - HR Business Community,

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Through our lead generation programme we support our partners by bringing them new prospects to work with. These highly qualified leads enable our partners to generate new business for both themselves and Empside whilst showing the commitment we have to them.

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When you partner with us, we help you identify opportunities to retain and grow your customer base and increase profits. You’ll be rewarded with deal registration protection, attractive margins, and joint lead generation programs. We also support you with up-to-date training and certification, so your sales and technical teams are fully qualified in our latest solutions.

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